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Legal & Copyright Notice

Boldbox packaging owns all the material created and sold on our platform, whether printed or blank. We do not resell or give away the material sold to our client to any other third-party provider. Therefore, we reserve all rights to use the printed product for marketing purposes on our website or for sample distribution. This notice is issued on behalf of BoldBox Packaging and pertains to all content, including but not limited to text, images, software data, designs, graphics, photographs, and any other materials collectively referred to as "Our Website Contents," displayed on our website.


BoldBox Packaging, along with third-party service providers, retains full ownership rights to all Our Website Contents. These contents are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws.


  • Republishing: Unauthorized republishing of Our Website Contents, whether in part or in whole, is strictly prohibited.
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  • Copying: Copying, reproducing, or duplicating Our Website Contents, whether for personal or commercial use, is expressly prohibited.


Any use of Our Website Contents, as specified in these restrictions, is subject to obtaining explicit written consent from BoldBox Packaging. Requests for such consent must be submitted in writing and directed to our authorized representatives.


BoldBox Packaging reserves the right to take legal action against individuals or entities found in violation of these ownership and usage restrictions. Such actions may include seeking damages and injunctive relief. By accessing our website, you acknowledge and agree to abide by these ownership and usage restrictions. Failure to comply may result in legal consequences.

This notice is effective immediately and applies to all visitors and users of our website.

Customer Content & Confidentiality

All the users at BoldBox are solely responsible for protecting their login credentials and information. Also, they are responsible for the usage of the website content. By continuing to use our services, you agree to protect the data used and consent not to share the information with any third-party user. Any crime or illegal activity on your conduct or person associated with you using your credentials, order changes or placement made from your secured login would be considered to be taken on behalf of the authorized user only.

The website owner is responsible for the content they send, post, or transmit to other sources, as all information and public data belong to the person who produced the content. Designs, graphics, and other available data will not be transferred to third parties.

Governing Laws

Internal laws for the state of Texas shall be implied and govern the performance of terms and conditions published on our website without regard to state conflicts of law principles.

All the Users at BoldBox consent to the jurisdiction of the court of Bexar County, Texas, out of all disputes arising out of  Terms & Conditions and Use of Website for any of the services offered by BoldBox Packaging.

Disclaimer of Warranty

The content published on the site and the site itself are provided 'as is' without any warranties, be it implied or expressed, including but not limited to any warranty referring to merchantability, fitness or non-infringement factors.

You agree and acknowledge the fact that operations of the site shall remain uninterrupted/error-free.

References established and links to third parties are "as is" without any warranty, implied or expressed.

Limitation of Liability & Indemnity

BoldBox Packaging requires all users to agree to a primary indemnification contract, which stipulates that they will hold the staff and management of BoldBox harmless from any legal charges, damages, losses, demands, or claims arising from various circumstances. These circumstances include allegations that the printing or products purchased from BoldBox Packaging:

  • Contain libelous, slanderous, defamatory, scandalous, or obscene matter.
  • Infringe on any copyright, patent, or other proprietary right.
  • Result from unauthorized access to password-protected areas of the website.

Under this indemnification contract, users are obligated to:

  • Defend BoldBox Packaging against any such claims.
  • Reimburse BoldBox Packaging for any legal fees and expenses incurred.
  • Pay any judgment or award resulting from the claims.

It's important to note that BoldBox Packaging, its staff members, management, or associates cannot be held responsible for any physical loss or damage, whether based on contract or tort, arising from the use of information, software, or database resources.

BoldBox Packaging's liability for damages, losses, and causes of action, including negligence, is limited to the amount paid by the user for the order request on the BoldBox website. This clause sets the boundaries of liability in the event of any disputes or legal matters related to the use of BoldBox Packaging's services and products.

Your Order Journey At BoldBox Packaging From Placement to Shipment (An End To End Guide)

Order Placement & Relevant Protocols

All the Payments made on bold box packaging would be in USD. For custom orders, you should make total payments before we move your order into the processing and customizing stages. All the orders made would include basic order placement charges for the product you ought to purchase, taxes, shipping, customs and handling fees.

Credit card payments can be made, and other approved methods provided by our platform, including payment processing by different types of cards. Also, while placing an order, we expect you to support the e-proof of the printing products and another service you choose by agreeing to the performance of the terms and conditions.

Once you approve e-proofs, the order is sent to the printing press. Moreover, you have approved the e-proof and confirmed the placement of your order. In that case, NO CHANGES to files (having artwork), specifications and directions to job completion or turnaround time for final printing to which you have given your Consent is allowed.

To facilitate our users, we provide options for expedited printing with reasonable upcharges and standard printing facilities.

Order Cancellation & Processing Basics

We are sad to see you go! But if you are looking forward to getting your order canceled, please be sure that you do so within 4 hours of e-proof approval. (Before step 2)

If you miss the chance to get it canceled within the specified time, proceeding with cancellation would carry a fee of $60.

If you are looking forward to getting it canceled after approving the job for printing, you have 12 hours during which you can request cancellation against a deduction of 15% of the total order amount, which would be instead of work done.

We don't guarantee that we can still process the order cancellation beyond the 4-hour time frame, but if we can proceed with the request, it will cost 25% of the total order amount.

To give you a better understanding of the cancellation charges, this is a brief order processing summary for you:

  1. Orders are placed in line according to the Purchase Request received
  2. The Purchase requests for orders are proofread to ensure the availability of material and reworked by our designers
  3. Once proofs are approved, they are moved to press for printing
  4. Once complete, these orders are collected by third-party designated courier companies and shipped

Also, please note a few critical aspects referring to the cancellation as these charges might vary from time to time, leading to the expense incurred on the product, so it is advisable to reach our support team for cancellation of costs incurred and once the order is at Stage 4 probability of canceling order becomes void.

Print, Reprint & Designing Policies

Boldbox packaging does not take responsibility for text, over/underrun, or graphic mistakes. We facilitate customers by printing and shipping overruns without surplus charges. We will charge you for the shipped quantity if you receive underruns about the policy, as mentioned in the over/under run section. We don't specifically offer reprints & refunds for processed and shipped orders; therefore, if there are any issues with the order, the customer shall notify Boldbox packaging about the policy mentioned in our return & refund policy section.

BoldBox Packaging strictly prohibits refunds and credits for design-related services once an order is approved for e-proof. The company does not offer refunds or credits for these services. Customers are advised to review and approve design proofs before finalizing orders, as changes or refunds are not possible once the e-proof is approved.

Customer Submitted Files

Upon confirmation of the quoted order to move to the order processing stage, the client must submit Vector Files or JPEG Files of 300 DPI at most negligible. The uploaded file shall stand in CMYK Format. Any artwork submitted against the essential requirement will be printed at the client's discretion after e-proof approval with them as we ought to provide first e-proof directing the placement of submitted files on the standard template against the selected product; therefore, Boldbox will not stand liable for blurry images and printing results of the content. We ought to provide proofs in electronic and hard form (which, if needed to be shipped, stands at clients' expense).

Proofing, Approvals & Color Accuracy

Once Art files are submitted along with the order submission in the requested format, we require all of our users and customers to approve the electronic proof presented by our team showing the approximate placement and adjustment of your final printed product. Every job is processed further with e-proof approval and sent to the press. As a general industry rule, we upload the virtual/electronic proof on your secured login within 24-48 hours of order placement, for which it is your responsibility to review and approve. In case of delays with proof approval, we are not responsible for any delays in order processing. The turnaround times mentioned on the website are after e-proof approvals.

We advise you to thoroughly study the e-proofs before giving your approvals. Also, it is a suggested practice to compare the provided proof with the original file in terms of layout, design, format, and color formats for RGB to Pantone & CMYK. Therefore, shading and color tones might vary once the finished product is laminated or UV-coated.

BoldBox Packaging emphasizes customer responsibility for all details in the final approved proof and is not liable for the last color appearance of laminated products. They consistently reproduce colors from approved e-proof files, striving for the closest possible match in terms of color shading and density. However, inherent limitations in the printing process and ink color requirements can affect color reproduction accuracy. When placing an order with BoldBox Packaging, you acknowledge and accept these limitations. We strive to achieve target quality and color levels but cannot guarantee an exact match between submitted, approved proofs, and actual printed products in terms of color. Ink density and color matching on screen proofs are not guaranteed unless you opt for a hard copy proof (pre-proof), with additional charges for pre-production proofs and samples.

Production Speed, Order Shipping & Delivery Policy 

As notified in the Proofing section, order processing time starts after e-proof approvals from your end.; Reviewed and Accepted from our prepress department along with the full payment of the customized order.

While you process your order, we offer different printing turnaround times and shipping options, selecting which you can choose the estimated delivery time of your complete order. Also, note that the cutoff time for your e-proof approval is 10 AM EST (CST). BoldBox Packaging delivers items on schedule. Our team is not liable for shipping or delivery delays-related losses. Processing your order confirms this. As it is humanly impossible to control aspects of weather, shipping company performance, customs procedures, or other natural circumstances.Expedited printing fees will be returned if order processing fails. Please note that expedited printing delays cannot cancel purchases.

When you make an order, you agree to pay all customs and shipping fees to deliver to the address on the order shipment form. For shipping outside the US, the client must overcome customs difficulties. BoldBox Packaging and its clients are transparent on shipment, delays, and obligations with this thorough understanding. We do offer free of cost 5 business days shipping for the USA without the limitation of weight & quantity for ONE LOCATION PER ONE ORDER. Therefore, dropshipping to the additional location has additional charges. Also, we need to assure you of shipping and transit time. Boldbox packaging is not responsible for any damage, loss, or theft during shipment. Therefore, you can file loss & damage claims with the shipping companies.


Liability to Errors

After the customer approves the e-proof and submits the Artfiles, it's important to note that BoldBox assumes no liability for errors arising from various factors. These include misspellings, graphics issues, bleeds, punctuation errors, grammar issues, problems related to transparency, damaged fonts, incorrect or missing folds, crop marks, cracks on folds, die lines, overprints, and slight variations in the size of the finished product compared to the mentioned size due to minimal differences. Customers should be aware that once the e-proof is approved and Artfiles are submitted, any issues related to these aspects are not the responsibility of BoldBox Packaging.

Some Other User Policies At a Glance!

Customer Account & Login Policy 

Our team at BoldBox Packaging strictly advises our customers not to share their login details with any third person or save/post passwords and usernames on any public platform. You or any person committing any illegal activity placing an order or making any changes to an already placed order should be considered seriously, as the action is taken by an Authorized Person Only.

You also agree to the principle of confidentiality that all designs available on the BoldBox website will not be transferred to any Third Party. If any proof of theft or content duplication is found, Boldbox stands all rights reserved to take legal action against the suspected user.

Lost & Damages Policy

At BoldBox Packaging, we or any of our staff members can not be held responsible for damages on any harmful incident, unpleasant or unlawful situation caused by our clients. We don't owe any responsibility for any situation caused by third-party agents. Also, we use third-party shipping sources, and if you don't get your products insured for transit, Boldbox may not be responsible for damages.

Over & Under Run Policy

We usually deliver the exact quantity as requested by the client, but we reserve the right to have over and under-runs while running into the printing process. These over and under runs are dealt with by the client's direction to the Support team and are typically shipped to the client along with the actual shipment orders placed. If the shipping of the overs is directed to the other location by the client, additional shipping and handling charges may be. We don't charge anything extra for overruns; for underruns, clients may be charged for the actual shipped quantity. As a general regulation of industry and commonly accepted trade practice, delivery of the final parcel with a plus or minus 5% of the order quantity is allowed.

Return & Refund Policy

Due to the nature of our business, confined explicitly to custom orders with which we help our clients, in case of returns, you need to inform our support team at Sales@boldboxpackaging.com within 3 days after receiving the demand for the reason for any defect, damage to the parcel or item/part/piece missing from the ordered package is discovered upon delivery of the parcel (products). Once the mentioned period lapses, our team at Boldbox Packaging shall not stand liable for upholding the filed return claim.

To receive the replacement in case of an approved return claim, the customer stands liable to return at least 99% of the received products (at their own expense) to the return address within 10 days of delivery of the order of the designated parcel mentioned on the website of our registered office in case of confusions they shall confirm relevant details from the support team.

No Return Shall Be Entertained Without a Written Return Authorization Form And Copy Attached By The Client Upon Return Shipped Parcel.

Upon having a valid return claim, we do not refund the amount; therefore, we will get the order reprinted as per the initial commitment with the client. WE STAND WITH NO REFUND POLICY ABOUT THE NATURE OF BUSINESS AND CUSTOM ORDER PLACEMENT.

If the client requests expedited printing or shipping, the expense incurred should NOT BE REFUNDABLE. Even though the order is returned for whichever reason, No Exceptions lie to this.

Holidays & Non-Working Days

  • January 1st- New Year's Day
  • Observed on the third Monday of January- Martin Luther King Day
  • Observed on the third Monday of February - President Day
  • Observed on the last Monday of May- Memorial Day
  • July 4th- Independence Day 
  • Observed on the first Monday of September- Labor Day
  • Observed on the second Monday of October- Columbus Day 
  • November 11th- Veterans Day
  • Observed on the fourth Thursday of November and a day after- Thanksgiving Day
  • December 24th & 25th- Christmas Holidays

These dates provide a clear schedule of the holidays observed by BoldBox Packaging throughout the year.

Changes to Terms & Conditions

Our team here at Boldbox Packaging reserves all the rights to amend the Terms & Conditions along with user policies at any point in time without notifying our users. While placing orders, you should agree with the user and other policies stated on the website, applicable from that time. If you continue to use BoldBox Packaging and the services we offer after the policy amendment, this shall be considered your agreement to the changes.

You may reach us at Support by email, chat or calling a helpline for further queries and concerns.