About Us

Planning on having a gift for a loved one or Wedding Boxes to share skills with guests, or looking for a corrugated box to drop ship your equipment safely - Boldbox will always be your first choice by providing you with a variety of options and multiple choices with custom sizing options. Boldbox Packaging, a leader in the packaging industry and one of your best options, earns your trust by providing high-quality packaging materials and services along with round-the-clock customer service. As an international business, we take pride in the contentment of our customers, which encourages them to reorder by placing their trust in us.

Our Boxes are made from a durable material that ensures rigidity and dependability, making them the most cost-effective and affordable options. Our boxes are typically manufactured with glossy and matte lamination suitable for UV printing and perforations with die-cut patterns to create an elegant feel for your special occasions.

Considering the recent environmental changes, the people in our manufacturing and design departments always consider the factors contributing to ecological safety. They use nonreactive, recyclable base materials such as paper, box baselines, charts, and adhesive. Aside from this, the team prefers to use materials that are easy to transport and emit little carbon dioxide.

Our business structure at bold box packaging emerges and supports all business types with custom packaging styles, designs, and structures that differ in price. We also provide shipment support throughout the United States and Europe with multiple payment options. In addition to this, we also provide you with a live shipment tracking and notifications module, making the shipping process more efficient and smooth.


Why Choose Us?

Look no further if you're seeking the best packaging material for a present or a parcel. There is no need to be concerned since you found yourself at the correct platform to choose packing supplies. If you're in such a scenario and have no idea which packing option is best for you, our Support Team here at Boldbox will help you search for the best one with the following features of our products at Boldbox offered to you:

  1. Quick Shipping & Reliability: We emphasize prompt delivery, which tends to make our customers the happiest.
  2. Diversity of Selection & Options to Go For: Our website provides various options for selecting products to meet your needs.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: the experience of buying on our website is intended to be stress-free and joyful for customers, which is easy to use without making the order placement, cancellation and refund process difficult & complicated.
  4. Outstanding Customer Support: To ensure that your shopping experience is smooth from end to end i.e from order placement to order completion, we are here to help you at every turn with our super-friendly customer support representatives.
  5. Safety of Transactions: Your satisfaction & security is our top-notch priority. Keeping your personal and financial information private fulfills our commitment and builds your trust.
  6. Stress & Hassle-Free Returns: We strive to make the process of returning and claiming the refund for an item as simple as possible for our consumers.
  7. International Shipping Availability: Because we can ship internationally, you can purchase from anywhere globally.
  8. Economic & Competitive Pricing Structures: Our goods are priced competitively with the most economical price structuring, ensuring you get the most value possible for the money you spend.
  9. Friendly User Interface: Our site is designed to work well with mobile devices such as IOS and Mac-based. Also, it is easy to operate without any complexities, so you can complete purchases even while you're out and about.
  10. Positive & Realistic Customer Reviews: Our happy clients have provided positive reviews, attesting to the quality of our work. Also, their satisfaction level leaves them with spreading the name of BoldBox by the word of Mouth.