Privacy and Security

Commitment to Your Privacy 

At BoldBox Packaging, User Information Security is considered a top-rank priority. It is not used for other purposes except for order processing, shipping, and customer service, nor is it sold to any Third Party.

At BoldBox Packaging any information from kids of age 13 or under is not obtained, hence it is not designed for their use.

Therefore, we reserve the right to disclose the information collected in good faith from the client and the company if required by state laws and regulations.

Any intellectual action the user took against the BoldBox would be met with legal recourse.

Collection of Information and Use

Our website accumulates information provided by the user at various points during website navigation. We maintain log files containing domain names, IP addresses, browser details, number of views, etc., for engine optimization and other purposes. Also, please note that user email addresses are not stored in the log files.

Order Processing Journey!

Registration Form

Every user must register to utilize BoldBox's services, and the information provided during registration is used for communication purposes.

Order Form

The information users collect while submitting orders in order forms, such as contact details, fundamental financial details (for payment purposes), and credit card authorizations, are solely used for order fulfillment and communication.

Customer Support

Our customer support team is available around the clock via email and phone to meet your needs, assist you with order processing, and provide prompt problem resolution.

Third-Party Services

We use Third Party Services for dispatching orders to our customers and invoicing credit cards for orders that have been processed. Therefore, we assure you that they do not store your sensitive information for secondary use.

Modes of Communication

The Newsletter

Every customer who registers on our website is automatically subscribed to our Newsletter; however, they can notify our Support team of their decision if they no longer wish to receive it.

Choice / Opt-Out

We allow our users to "opt out" from all kinds of marketing lists which do not carry any such information which concern our website directly. They can get themselves removed from marketing messages mailing lists, distribution lists intended for marketing purposes, receiving special offers & monthly newsletters, etc.

Exclusive Deals and Updates

Potential clients and those enjoying our services receive regular updates on our products, promotions, and occasional discounts. Therefore, we provide them with the option to opt out of receiving such correspondence by sending an email to our Support team.


Cookies are used to enhance the user experience on our website. On websites availability of cookies allows better surfing and unique user experience which is faster and better at associating and linking all the information collected from the server computer of the client. For a better browsing experience on Boldbox, we recommend enabling cookies.


BoldBox Packaging is not responsible for privacy and security policies of any linked third party website used by us for marketing or other purposes. We always advise our users to read every website's privacy policies, primarily if it readily collects their personal information. The specified privacy statement applies exclusively to this website.

Legal & Other Policies

Business Transitions

If, at some point in the future, BoldBox Packaging undergoes a Business Transition or Merger, we reserve the right to use any information collected from our website concerning our users and customers.


Our team and Boldbox packaging adhere to the fundamental ethical principle of maintaining the confidentiality of user-provided information by applicable laws and regulations. Any information users provide to BoldBox packaging is not sold to a third party and is used solely for customer service.

Legal Disclaimer

Boldbox packaging ought to safeguard your information and maintain privacy; therefore, they may disclose the information as required by the law & regulation in good faith of both the company and client.

Changes To Privacy Policy  

Boldbox Packaging ought to change its privacy policy at any time. Continued usage of services offered after the changes made will be considered acceptance of the amended policies; hence, we recommend you read this page regularly